Christ Taking Leave of His Mother

Copying his teacher Albrecht Dürer, who produced a similar , Hans Schäufelein set this scene from the life of in contemporary rather than ancient times. A chapel forms the backdrop as Christ bids farewell to his mother, the . As she kneels on the ground with hands clasped, Mary and Martha of Bethany join her, both bewailing Jesus' imminent departure. Schäufelein concentrated on the figures in the , using a series of hatched and cross-hatched strokes to build up their forms. Patterns of parallel lines give form and texture to the fluid drapery and texture to Christ's and the women's faces. The , in contrast, is much more loosely rendered, with hurriedly sketched foliage, buildings, and figures.

Pen and brown ink and black chalk (1510)

by Hans Schäufelein (German, 1480/1485-1540)

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